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2010 GSSD Training Schedule

Updated April 8th, 2010

Locations and start times are liable to change upon very short notice.
Guests, contact Membership Committee Aiko Vail or Syd Phillips for the latest information.

Contact Syd at GSSD Information

Searching Along the Boulder River Trail

Searching Along Boulder River Trail
Hiking season will start if / when the snow begins melting, are you ready ?

APRIL 2010

April 10th Pack Forest, Wilderness Workout
April 17th and 18th Kitsap County Mock Search
April 19th General Membership Meeting 1900 hours
April 22nd Crime Scene Class, Pierce County 1800 - 2100 hours
April 24th Sultan Basin, Wilderness Workout

Remember : Check in regarding dates and times since Searches can modify the schedule at the last minute.

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