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Caravan Travel
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Caption: Caravan Travel can take many forms.

For the purpose of this document a caravan will be defined as a group of vehicles travelling to or from a GSSD activity.
The advantages of travelling in a caravan include:
1.) The potential for GSSD members to help each other should there be mechanical difficulties with a vehicle
2.) Those not capable of navigating themselves to the desired destination can follow someone who can
3.) Any changes in plans while enroute can be accomodated
4.) Caravan followers are given the opportunity to practice patience with their caravan leader

The DISadvantages of travelling in a caravan include:
1.) Those not leading the caravan prolong their dependence upon others for navigation
2.) The possibility of traffic disruption is increased
3.) Caravan followers are given the opportunity to express their lack of patience with the caravan leader

A natural reaction to travelling by automobile, especially as speed and traffic volumes increase is to pay more attention to the vehicle in front and less attention to the vehicle behind. This tendency should be avoided, since it disrupts the ability of caravan members to stay in sight of each other.

A caravan may not be legal or safe on public roads and highways

1.) Those needing help can follow a member with a radio
a.) Alternatively they could ride with a member from the rendevouz to base

2.) Under no circumstances should traffic be impeded
a.) You must pull over and let vehicles pass if you are holding up five or more vehicles
b.) You must stay in the right lane except to pass other vehicles

3.) Everyone expected to arrive at a destination should have directions to that destination
a.) If there are groups of more than two or three cars, you should consider alternate plans

A caravan works best if all members operate in a similar manner

1.) Your destination is controlled by the vehicle in front of you, follow their direction, not their speed
a.) If you slow down, the vehicle in front of you should slow down with you

2.) Your speed is controlled by the vehicle behind you, slow down to keep them in sight
a.) Avoid the temptation to follow the vehicle in front of you closely

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