GSSD Minimum Requirements - Ready Searcher Avalanche


Personnel in the Ready Searcher Avalanche category are called to most avalanche searches (with or without dog) and are capable of individual field work in adverse snow and avalanche conditions. Ready Searcher Avalanche teams are required to:

  1. Have all of requirements for Ready Searcher.

  2. Have successfully completed the Advanced (NSP) Avalanche Course or equivalent including terrain evaluation, avalanche condition assessment, etc.

  3. Possess proficiency in the use of equipment used in avalanche searches including transceivers, probes shovels, etc.

  4. Have demonstrated proficiency in snow travel including skis, snowshoes, ski lifts, ski lift evacuation, etc. as appropriate for the task assigned.

  5. The team must show consistent ability to successfully complete day and night avalanche search assignments. These assignments shall include a variety of terrain, weather and distractions. The assignments shall be of varying duration.

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