GSSD Minimum Requirements - Operations Leader

Personnel in the Operations Leader category have complete charge of and responsibility for the group while on a search. Duties include coordination with the sheriff or other responsible agencies, coordination with other search groups, assigning members to search areas, and assigning base operators. OLs ensure that everyone has signed the DEM roster and all field teams are properly equipped.

Attendance: In order to have accurate knowledge of Ready Searcher teams, the OL needs to be familiar with each team they deploy on a mission. This requires regular attendance at workouts for the area of specialty (wilderness, water and/or avalanche). Annual attendance should be at 60% minimum for each specialty; a higher level of participation is encouraged. Minimum annual attendance for OL committee meetings is 75%. As a leader within the group, the OL should attend a minimum of 50% of the regular business meetings of GSSD.

Workouts: 60%
OL Meetings: 75%
Regular meetings: 50%
Searches: 10 per year

Skills/Knowledge: It is expected that the OL have completed and shown a level of mastery for Ready Searcher and Base Operator status. Three years of experience as a Ready Searcher will provide the base level of knowledge to enable the OL to know what is expected of search teams on a variety of missions. This will also enable the OL to work with teams in training and provide feedback during and after observations in order to develop the skills of dogs and handlers within GSSD. The OL must demonstrate the ability to use their knowledge of team members to appropriately deploy them during a mission. Current qualification as a Ready Searcher, including all group, county and state requirements is necessary. Additional qualifications include possessing the knowledge of search theory and management to the level taught in the 40-hour "Managing the Search Function" course.

Additional Requirements:

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