GSSD Minimum Requirements - Ready Searcher

Personnel in this category are called to most searches (with or without dog) and are capable of individual field work in most search situations. Ready Searchers are required to:

  1. Have all of the requirements specified under Support. (118-04-120 3a, 3c)

  2. Demonstrate consistent proficiency with rural and wilderness navigation. (118-04-120 3a, 3c)

  3. Have successfully completed helicopter operations basic and intermediate courses. (118-04-120 3e, 3f)

  4. Possess knowledge of "crime scenes" as described in WAC 118-04-120 3g and be familiar with specific GSSD crime scene procedures. (118-04-120 3g)

  5. Possess knowledge and demonstrate proficiency in survival techniques including bivouacking. (118-04-120 3b)

  6. Possess basic knowledge of Search and Rescue Techniques and theory including the roles of other search organizations and search management. (118-04-120 3f)

  7. Possess knowledge of scent theory and be proficient in interpreting environmental conditions that affect scent.

  8. Possess knowledge/exposure of canine first aid.

  9. The team must show consistent ability to successfully complete day and night assignments. These assignments shall include a variety of terrain, weather and ground cover conditions. The assignments shall be of varying duration.

  10. The dog shall be:

These requirements meet and/or exceed 118-04-120 3a-h WAC for "field-qualified personnel".

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