GSSD Minimum Requirements - Support

This category of personnel would be invited on searches as deemed appropriate by the OLs. Support personnel are required to:

  1. Possess current:

    GSSD must have documentation on file for the above 3 items (copy of First Aid card, CPR card, blood-borne pathogen certification of completion) (118-04-120 2c)

  2. Possess basic knowledge and proficiency in radio communication procedures as pertains to search operations.

  3. Have successfully completed a helicopter operations basic course. (118-04-120 2d)

  4. Possess adequate equipment and physical ability and mental fitness for the task assigned and to be self-sufficient for a minimum of 24 hours. (118-04-120 2a)

  5. Possess familiarity with base camp procedures.

  6. Possess the knowledge of the skills required for Ready Searcher but does not have the field tested experience or the physical capabilities of the Ready Searcher. (118-04-120 2b)

These requirements meet and/or exceed 118-04-120 2a-e WAC for "support-qualified personnel".

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