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Avalanche Training at Stevens Pass. Photos by Richard LeMeieux

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Various photos submitted by Richard LeMeieux

Shepherds on the beach. (28K) Looks like Rocky, Jake, Skadi, Molly, Shocka, Tristan and Shasta.
Bruce departs with the brains of the Richard/Shasta team (48K) during water training.
Shasta posing (64K)
Rendezvous at the SnoCat (28K) during Winter, 1998 avalanche training.

Avalanche/Helo Training, Pierce County, February 1998

Richard LeMeieux vectors in the helo (25K)
Helo crew rehearses rigging for hover loading (36K)
Poul snaps Shocka into her harness (56K), getting ready for a lift.
Teams load safely at field LZ (29K)
Nice shot of Pierce County's helo taking off. (25K)

Avalanche Training at Hurricane Ridge, Olympic National Park, February 1997

Poul and Dan P. dig out the subject (28K) while Bruce rewards Molly
Another ambitious hole (24K) dug by Bruce. Note that the snow surface is well over the top of his head. This deep of a burial requires extra shovelers for safety reasons.
Poul helps the subject out of the hole (49K) while Dan P. watches Molly get rewarded.
Bruce and Molly (50K) satisfying each other's need for a game of tug.

Helicopter Training, January 1997

Chase and Carrie (37K) sometimes disagree on who's in charge.
Tristan, Kody, Cooper and Skadi keep an eye on Faith and Beth (53K) as they wait for their helicopter.
Shocka and Poul and Molly and Bruce safely exit the helicopter (30K)

Avalanche Demo/Training, Snoqualmie Summit, January 1997

Molly has a find (22K). Note the vegetation used in the burial as a distraction.
Tristan (32K), waits for his human partners to excavate his find. Lazy or smart? You make the call!
Aiko rewards Tristan (28K).

Snowmobile Safety Training, Government Meadows, January 2001

Loading at the Parking Lot (97K), GSSD members ready equipment for a two day exercise.
Off on an Area Familiarization Ride (110K), the long line halts as riders encounter obstacles.
A Quick Stop Before Moving On (78K), riders practice snowmobile safety.

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